Duubuque Fighting Saints Week 9 (v Heresy Hunters)

After a week off, my team is ready & raring to go. I am playing Archbishop Jackels & Bishops Malloy & Nickless. Bishop Morlino had the week off.

Next week Archbishop Jackels will be off.

Total points – 31

Archbishop Jackels – 3 points

On 29 June 2013, Archbishop Jackels was in Rome to receive the pallium from Papa Francesco. I have some pictures from that at the end of the post.

Congratulations to Archbishop Jackels on being invested with this symbol of your jurisdidction as Metropolitan for the state of Iowa.

2 Facebook posts – 2 points

YouTube video w/ short interview of Archbishop Jackels explaining the importance of the pallium – 1 point

Bishop Malloy –  23 points

1 July, WROK radio program – 3 points

1 July, Batavia, Vocations Holy Hour – 3 points

2 July, St. Ann Church, Warren, Mass of Installation for Fr. Striedl – 3 points

4 July, St. Mary’s Church, Huntley, Mass for end of Fortnight for Freedom – 3 points

6 July, St. Mary’s Church, Woodstock, Mass of Installation for Fr. Absalon – 3 points

7 July, St. Mary’s, Gilbert, Parish visit – 3 points

5 Top o the Morning videos – 5 points

I wish to offer my congratulations to Bishop Malloy for 30 years of service to God’s people as a priest. He was ordained a priest on 1 July 1983 by Archbishop Weakland.

Bishop Nickless – 5 points

5 July, St. Paul’s Scranton, Final Mass for parish – 3 points

2 Facebook posts – 2 points

Here is a picture of Archbishop Jackels receiving the pallium from Papa Franceco.


Here is a picture from later in the Mass. You will notice that the Pope gave him a very special one with the Fighing Saints logo on it.


No I am not saying that Papa Francesco is cheering on the Fighting Saints over any of the other teams.  But the fact that he allowed this unusual addition the the pallium does imply it.


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