Dubuque Fighting Saints Week 12 (v Acolytes)





This week I played Archbishop Jackels & Bishops Nickless & Morlino. Bishop Malloy had the week off.

Next week Bishop Morlino will have the week off.

Things were a little slow because of World Youth Day.  Not wanting to distract from what was going on down there & what Papa Francesco was doing my team kept it low key.

Total points – 9

Archbishop Jackels – 5 points

24 July, Interview, Voices of the Tri-States – 3 points

2 Facebook posts – 2 points

Bishop Nickless – 4 points

Review Board – 3 points

1 Facebook post 1 point

Bishop Morlino – 0 points

Things were pretty uneventful this week.


As I promised last week, if I found evidence that BNSF & Canadian Pacific which run through Dubuque were jumping on the Fighting Saints bandwagon I would share it. Well when I was out getting some new pictures for my Trains album on Facebook I got the confirmation I needed.

The other day when I taking some pictures in the Chicago Central (CN) yards a BNSF coal train pulled in. Here is a picture of 1 of the locomotives.


This picture was taken later that same day in the BNSF yards in E Dubuque, IL.


The other railroad that has a presence in DBQ in a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific (CP, the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern (ICE). ICE is a subsidiary of Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern (DME). DME is a subsidiary of the Soo Line. Here is a picture of 1 of their locomotives in the ICE yards.


Here is a picture of a CP locomotive recently taken in the CN yards where it was picking up some cars.


Finally here is a picture of 1 of the ICE locomotives taken recently in the ICE yards here in DBQ.



The latest rumor is that other Railroads are also on board has been confirmed & I will share those pictures next week. All I will say is Fighting Saints fever has gone spread across the USA & Canada & even into Mexico.


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