Week Twelve – The Crusading Croziers


Week Twelve  opponent: The Heresy Hunters

Playing Bishop Coyne, Bishop Jenky and Cardinal Wuerl (sitting Archbishop Kurtz)

Bishop Coyne – 6.75 pts

7/22-7/28: 27 tweets (6.75 pts)

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Bishop Jenky – 2.75 pts

7/22-7/28 – 7 tweets (1.75 pts)
Wed 7/24 – blogpost (1 pt)

(to read Bishop Jenky’s Twitter feed, click here)

Cardinal Wuerl – 3.00 pts

Mon 7/22 – blogpost (1 pt)
Tue 7/23 – blogpost (1 pt)
Fri 7/26 – blogpost (1 pt)

(to read Cardinal Wuerl’s Twitter feed, click here)

TOTAL: 12.50 points

Next week’s opponent: The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs – playing Bishop Coyne, Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Bishop Jenky)


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