As the Season Winds Down

With just this week to go, it looks like the Hierarchs have the Western Conference clinched. So I want to offer my congratulations on your win.

The Western Conference definitely was the more difficult one.


Still, I am proud of how my guys played. At this point they have the highest score. That tells me they gave it their best effort & the vagaries of a specific match-up. I couldn’t have asked any more from them (except maybe from Bishop Morlino when it comes to the Sinsinawa Dominicans & excommunicating a few of them).

I recently found out who 1 of  my biggest fans is. I received a fan letter from him earlier this week with the following picture enclosed.


It was postmarked from Vatican City & written a couple weeks ago. His cat is also a fan. The picture was taken after he added his paw print & was cleaning the soy based ink off of it. Papa emeritus Benedetto did drop a few hints about where Papa Francesco’s loyalties lie. He said that he knew I would understand why Papa Francesco had to publicly remain neutral.

Of course he ended the letter with a papal emeritus blessing followed by his signature. It went:

Benedictus etc.




One comment on “As the Season Winds Down

  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    My team’s record is evidence that it’s often better to be lucky than to be good. But that’s why we don’t do this like old-time MLB and there’s a chance to advance by a good playoff performance.

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