Week Thirteen – Crusading Croziers


Week Thirteen opponent: The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs

Playing Bishop Coyne, Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Bishop Jenky)

Bishop Coyne – 14.50 pts

7/29 – 8/4 – 58 tweets (14.50 pts)

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Cardinal Wuerl – 4.00 pnts

7/29 – blogpost – Is There A Right And A Wrong? (1 pt)
7/31 – blogpost – St Ignatius of Loyola and Pope Francis (1 pt)
8/1 – blogpost – Freedom From the Chains That Threaten the Church (1 pt)
8/4 – blogpost – St John Vianney and the Heart of a Priest (1 pt)

(to read Cardinal Wuerl’s Twitter feed, click here)

Archbishop Kurtz – 1.25 pts

7/29 – 8/4 – 1 tweet (1.25 pts)
7/31 – column in The Record Newspaper: Teaching Our Faith (1 pt)

(to read Archbishop Kurtz’s Twitter feed, click here)

TOTAL: 19.75 points

Next opponent, in the Eastern Conference playoffs: The Almighty Acolytes – playing Bishop Coyne, Bishop Jenky and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Cardinal Wuerl)


2 comments on “Week Thirteen – Crusading Croziers

  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    If you take on both the AAs and the Saints, then I guess I don’t have an opponent next week. Schweet!

  2. thelarryd says:

    Ooops – nice catch. LOL!


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