2013 Playoffs Are Underway!!

Good morning sports fans and Bishball afficiandos from across the expansive Innerwebz! Fantasy Bishball Playoffs are under way!!

Here are the match-ups:

Eastern Conference Championship: Crusading Croziers v. Amazing Acolytes

Western Conference Championship: Rocky Mountain Hierarchs v. Dubuque Fighting Saints

This year’s Eastern Conference Championship is a repeat match-up from 2012, while the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs earn their second appearance (winning the conference outright again, as well) and face the challenging Dubuque Fighting Saints.

Managers can field any three bishops from their team – the ‘3-week’ rule is not in effect.

Championship round winners will compete for the Fantasy Bishball League Championship – the John Henry Cardinal Newman Cup. The Newman Cup will be played for the week of Aug 18 – Aug 24 (one week from now).

Best wishes in the off-season for the Heresy Hunters and Zealous Zucchettos!

One more note – after the championship will be the Rookie of the Year and MVB (Most Valuable Bishop) selections, as voted by the league managers.

Good luck, teams! May the best bishers win!!


3 comments on “2013 Playoffs Are Underway!!

  1. archdeaconsmiter says:

    One is surprised that even with so many forfeits, one’s team still makes the playoffs. Just to be clear, this week (8/11-17) is the playoff week, to be posted next Monday, is that correct?

  2. thelarryd says:

    Yes. That seems to be fair given that I’ve been extremely lax in updating the site.

    I hope the RMH & DFS see this comment before they publish their posts….

  3. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Phooey – Cdl. O’Malley had a great week. Oh well. Sic transit gloria bishball.

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