Western Division Championship (v Hierarchs)

I’m playing Bishops Malloy, Morlino & NIckless.

Total points – 17

Bishop Malloy – 11 points

12 August – WROK radio program – 3 points

15 August – Installation  Mass for Fr. Parker as Pastor @ St. Mary’s, Batavia – 3 points

5 Top o the Morning videos – 5 points

Bishop Morlino – 6 points

15 August _ Mass for Bishop O’Connor Pastoral Center (not that it earns any extra points, but it was in the Extraordinary form) – 3 points

2 Facebook posts – 2 points

15 August – Bishop’s column – 1 point

Bishop Nickless – 0 points As Fighting Saints fever continues to grow across the solar system, I am happy to announce that Grumpy Cat has signed on as our official spokescat.

Here is his 1st poster supporting the team:


What a lot of people may not be aware of is that Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) has a brother named Pokey. He has agreed to help his brother promote the Fighting Saints.


It is a good feeling to have 2 of the coolest cats out there supporting the Fighting Saints.




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