2013 Newman Cup: Crusading Croziers v. Dubuque Fighting Saints

The Crusading Croziers reached the Newman Cup for the second straight season, defeating the Amazing Acolytes 28.5 to 12.75, and are poised to defend their title against the insanely popular Dubuque Fighting Saints. The Fighting Saints knocked off the 2012 Western Conference champion Rocky Mountain Hierarchs in a 17-5 drubbing.

The showdown has all the makings of a classic: the high-powered offense of the Crusaders, led by Bishop Coyne, against the populist fan favorite Fighting Saints, led by a balanced attack featuring a combination of tweets, posts and radio broadcasts.

Crozier manager LarryD likes his chances, though, and is confident of a convincing victory and retention of the Newman Cup.

“We have a secret weapon – I call it our “nuclear option” – that all but guarantees the win,” he told AoftheA Sports. “Mind you, we’re going into the contest with eyes wide open. The Fighting Saints put up a lot of points. They actually had the highest score in the regular season, but only because I had one “DNP”. So they’re good, and we have to be ready and on top of our game.”

The Fighting Saints manager, Al Italia, couldn’t be reached for comment, as he was negotiating merchandise licensing deals with intelligent life he discovered on the Saturn moon, Titan.


One comment on “2013 Newman Cup: Crusading Croziers v. Dubuque Fighting Saints

  1. al007italia says:

    “Larry, that was supposed to be hush hush for now until the contracts were signed Sunday. Am I going to have to send Saturn Girl from the Legion of Super Heroes to talk to you?

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