Zucchettos – Week 5

Four Tweets this week (1 point)  

Young Adult Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral this past Wednesday (3 points)

Co-signer of Letter to G8 Nations (1 point)

Letter on immigration reform & abortion expansion (1 point)

Two blog posts (2 points)

TOTAL: 8 points

Column in The Tidings “Our Priests: Our Future” (1 point)
Ordination of some new men to the Permanent Diaconate (3 points)

TOTAL: 4 points

One special letter where Bishop O’Connell clarifies the Church’s position on Freemasonry (at least 1 point, maybe 5 if it counts as El Smackdown, perhaps as a “that means you” to some unnamed people)

TOTAL: At least 13 points, maybe 17…still not enough for the win.

Next week: Playing Dolan, O’Connell & Listecki…sitting Gomez.


Zucchettos Week 4 (vs. Hierarchs)

Today is our biggest challenge-since we’re sitting Dolan, it’ll be REALLY tough.


Article in The Tidings about universal Eucharistic adoration on Corpus Christi (1 point)

Corpus Christi Homily (1 point)

Ordination of two men to priesthood (3 points)

Corpus Christi procession & universal adoration participation (3 points)

TOTAL: 8 points


Ordained four men to priesthood (3 points)

Appeared at (shudder) Nuns on the Bus (Though for an issue on which the bishops back them) (3 points)

Total: 6 points


Helped fire cannon at Memorial Day ceremony at Calvary Cemetery (3 points)

Memorial Day blog (1 point)

Total: 4 points

TOTAL: 18 points (another close loss, but we came a lot closer than I expected)

Zealous Zucchettos Week 3 (vs. Heresy Hunters)

This week I played Dolan, Gomez & Listecki, sitting O’Connell.  Next week I’m sitting Dolan…

Cardinal Dolan (4.25 points)

Three blog posts (3 points)
YouTube homily at Church of Holy Trinity in Poughskeepie celebrating parochial feast (1 point)
One Tweet (0.25 points)

Archbishop Gomez (3 points)

Column in The Tidings (1 point)
Statement applauding immigration reform passing Senate committee (1 point)
YouTube homily on Trinity Sunday (1 point)

ARCHBISHOP LISTECKI (at least 2 points-maybe 6)
Blog post sharing thoughts on 2013 priesthood ordinations (1 point)
Possible El Smackdown-announcing that a priest is leaving active ministry due to “failing to exercise good judgement in a relationship he has had with an adult woman.” (at least 1 point-hopefully 5)

TOTAL: At least 9.25 points, maybe 13.25.

Zucchettos Week 2 (vs. Acolytes)

Playing: Dolan, O’Connell, Listecki
Sitting: Gomez

Cardinal Dolan (8.25 points)

Five Tweets this past week – 1.25 points (None for the links he posted in the first two Tweets, however, as they were for Sunday homilies before this week, now on iTunes) 

Sunday commencement address at University of Notre Dame – 3 points

Tuesday appearance on WGDJ-AM talk show, where he lets them know of his grave differences with Gov. Cuomo – 3 points (No points for his spokesman’s “clarification” the next day)

One blog post on Monday – 1 point

Bishop O’Connell (3 points)

Saturday ordination (7 men to transitional diaconate) – 3 points

Archbishop Listecki (5 points)

“Herald of Hope” column in Catholic Herald – 1 point
“Love One Another” blog post on St. Matthias – 1 point

Saturday ordination (4 men to priesthood) – 3 points

TOTAL – 16.25 points

Zucchettos – Week 1 (vs. Croziers)

Another season kicks off-hope this is my brightest yet.

Playing: Dolan, Gomez, O’Connell

Sitting: Listecki

Cardinal Dolan

Three Twitter posts (.75 points)

Helped christen Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship in NYC (3 points)

Wrote preface for Annual Diocesan Compliance Audit with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (1 point)

Closely following case of NJ priest who defied order to stay away from children (Might be anywhere from 0 to 5)

I was ONE DAY short of a possible El Smackdown-the day before the season started, he stated that a bunch of LGBT activists could not enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral under penalty of arrest.

Archbishop Gomez

YouTube homily (1 point)

Guest columnist for Catholic News Agency’s “Bishop’s Corner” (1 point)

Bishop O’Connell
May 13 ordination (13 men to permanent diaconate) (3 points) (Also have the link to the homily, but didn’t count it because of rule against “double-dipping”)

(his prior team said he had a Facebook page, but I can’t find it and they never linked to it)

So we got a first week score of at LEAST 7.75…hope that’ll be enough to hold off the Croziers.

Zealous Zucchettos Week 10

Facing off against the Almighty Acolytes.


Article in the Tidings reflecting on the Assumption – 1 point.

Published Homily on YouTube – 1 point.



Two meet and greets for a local priest and sister, a safe environment training course, a Young Adult Ambassadors Meeting, Theology of the Body Middle School Training, and Level 1 (Spanish) Methods for Catechists – 18 points, I hope (if you’ll accept this link?)


At least 2 points, at most 20…I will leave this at the boss’ mercy to decide.

Next week we play Gomez, Listecki, and Garcia-Siller and sit Olmsted.