Acolytes, Eastern Conference final vs. Crusading Croziers

I hope you all will allow me to post this a little late:

Playing DiNardo, Farrell, Sartain (strategically sitting Lori – he’ll sub for Sartain if the Acolytes get into the Final Final)

Total Score: 12.25

Cardinal DiNardo: 4 pts

1. spoke at Serra Club (photo is from 8/16) – 3 pts

2. blog post on 8/14 – 1 pt

Bishop Farrell: 5.25 pts

1. blog post on 8/14 – 1 pt

2. Twitter feed – 17 tweets, 4.25 pts


Archbishop Sartain: 3 pts

1. attended LCWR conference and preached homily – 3 pts


I see that I’m not close to challenging the power of the Croziers.  Great season, friends!  Here’s hoping someone can unseat the Croziers next week. 🙂



Acolytes, week 9, v. Hierarchs (7/1-7/7)

Top of the rotation, sitting DiNardo.  Does it seem reasonable to have yet another matchup against a first-place team? 🙂

Bishop Farrell: 4.5

1. 18 tweets (4.5 pts), no blog posts, and his statement about SCOTUS stuff was a re-issuing of the USCCB statement.

Archbishop Lori: 6 pts

1. concelebrated closing Mass for Fortnight for Freedom, 7/4, and spoke afterward (3 pts)

2. 7/2 press conference and open letter on marriage (3 pts)

Archbishop Sartain: 0

Lots of stuff from the week before but nothing from this week.

Total Score: 10.5

Next week, sitting Farrell.

Acolytes, week 6 (6/10-16), rematch v. Crusading Croziers

Can the Acolytes be Amazing this week, and pull off the upset for their first win of the year?

Total score: 6

Cardinal DiNardo: 0 pts

1. nothing

Archbishop Lori: 2 pts

1. 6/13 column on Mother Lange (1 pt)

2. 6/16 op-ed in Baltimore Sun about religious freedom (1 pt)

Archbishop Sartain: 4

1. 6/13 column on he Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

2. blessing and groundbreaking for new Immaculate Conception parish church building – the photo is undated but given the date (7/13) of construction to commence, clearly recent, and wasn’t on the web last week. (3 pts)


Next week, Acolytes are on a bye week.  The following week, Sartain will sit v. Zuchettos.


“Ohfer” Acolytes, Week 3 (5/20-26), vs. Croziers

Playing DiNardo, Farrell, Sartain, sitting Lori.

Total: 10.75 (I do seem to be stuck at 10…)

Cardinal Dinardo: 1 pt

1. 5/21 blog post on the terrible storms last week in OK.

Bishop Farrell: 8.75 pts

1. 5/20 blog post on commencement (1 pt)

2. 5/21 blog post on OK storm (1 pt)

3. 5/24 blog post on BSA decision, solid but well short of the 5-pt smack-down (1 pt)

4. 5/25 blog post on upcoming ordinations (1 pt)

5. Twitter feed – 19 tweets (4.75 pts) (not counting re-tweets from Pope Francis and others)

Archbishop Sartain:1 pt

1. 5/23 letter to graduates in diocesan paper “Progress” (1 pt)

Also, no points, but I wasn’t aware of this interesting-looking book he published last year.

Next week vs. Fighting Saints, playing DiNardo, Farrell, Lori, sitting Sartain.

Acolytes, Week 2 (5/13-19), vs. Zucchettos

Playing DiNardo, Lori, Sartain, sitting Farrell

Total: 10 pts

Cardinal DiNardo: 1 pt

1. 5/13 blog post on Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

(Argh!  Ordination Mass on 5/18 and he wasn’t there! Auxiliary Bishop Sheltz celebrated – no points)

(And this is outside the week, so no points, but worth noting – TAC is an awesome school.)

Archbishop Lori:  9 pts (pending scoring review)

1. 5/18 Ordination Mass, 6 men to transitional diaconate (3 pts)

2. 5/16 article in Catholic Review (1 pt)

3. 5/14 interview on Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

4. 5/16 invocation for Alibi Breakfast before Preakness Stakes (3 pts)

5. 5/14 hosted paired lectures on legal and moral issues with religious liberty at St. Mary’s Seminary (1 pt?)

Archbishop Sartain: 0 pts

Next week vs. Croziers, playing DiNardo, Farrell, Sartain, sitting Lori



Acolytes – Week 1 (vs. Hierarchs)

This year, I’ll be running this year’s line-up alphabetically, and sitting from the top:

Cardinal Dinardo (sits Week 1)

Bishop Farrell (will sit Week 2)

Archbishop Lori (will sit Week 3)

Archbishop Sartain (will sit Week 4)

Total, Week 1: 18.75 pts

(Cardinal Dinardo, sitting)

Bishop Farrel: 5.75 pts

1. May 6 blog post on Mary (1 pt)

2. May 6 blog post on Bishop Seitz’s appointment to El Paso (1 pt)

3. May 7 blog post on Mother’s Day (1 pt)

4. 11 tweets of substance 5/6 – 5/12 (2.75 pts)

Archbishop Lori: 9 pts

1. May 11 ordination (16 men to permanent diaconate) (3 pts)

2. May 12 commencement, Mount St. Mary’s (3 pts)

3. May 8 Mass for Legatus (3 pts)

Archbishop Sartain: 4 pts

1. May 9 article in diocesan newspaper (1 pt)

2. May 11 commencement at St. Martin’s Univ (3 pts)