Fantasy Bishball Championship – The Newman Cup – Crusading Croziers


Fantasy Bishball Championship – The Newman Cup vs The Dubuque Fighting Saints

Playing Bishop Coyne, Bishop Jenky and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Cardinal Wuerl)

Bishop Coyne – 12.75 points

8/19-8/25 : 31 tweets (7.75 pts)
8/19 – blogpost (1 pt)
8/20 – YouTube video “Why does the priest pour water into the wine?” (1 pt)
8/20 – gave a talk to archdiocesan vocation directors (3 pts)

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Bishop Jenky – 10.25 points

8/19-8/25 : 5 tweets (1.25 pts)
8/19 – blogpost (1 pts)
8/20 – 2 Facebook entries (2 pts)
8/24 – Mass for Peoria Diocese Pro-life Workshop (3 pts) [click on link for PDF of schedule of events]
8/25 – Mass for Peace and Justice at Peoria Irish Fest (3 pts)

(to read Bishop Jenky’s Twitter feed, click here)

Archbishop Kurtz – 14.25 points

8/19-8/25 : 17 tweets (4.25 pts)
8/19 – blogpost (1 pt)
8/21 – attended opening ceremonies for Sacred Heart Schools in Louisville Archdiocese (3 pts)
8/24 – 4th Degree Exemplification Knights of Columbus event (3 pts)
8/25 – Pastor installation Mass at Our Lady of Mercy (3 pts)

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TOTAL: 37.25 points


Dubuque Fighting Saints (v Croziers)

Updated @ 9:51 am CDT Tuesday because I found 1 more appearance of Archbishop Jackels last week

2nd update @ 11:20 am CDT

Well, this is it, the championship match. & I am very proud of the performance of the 3 Bishops who played this week, Archbishop Jackels & Bishops Malloy & Nickless.  They put their hearts & souls into it. I couldn’t have asked for more of them than they did.

Total points – 39

Archbishop Jackels – 14 points

20 Aug – New Melleray Abbey, Peosta, Ordained Brother Ephram to the priesthood – 3 points

21 Aug – DBQ Co Right to Life Protest Planned Parenthood participants appreciation luncheon, St Raphael Cathedral – 3 points

21 Aug – Letter to the editor,Telegraph Herald – 1 point

22 Aug – School Mass – Seton Catholic School, St Joseph Catholic Church, Farley – 3 points

24 Aug – Statement on Immigration issue published  in Telegraph Herald – 1 point

25 Aug – Mass @ Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey & meeting with nuns – 3 points

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Bishop Malloy – 12 points

5 Top o the Morning videos – 5 points

20 Aug – Catholic Forum, WROK – 3 points

22 Aug – Observer column – 1 point

24 Aug – Hope for Haitians Dinner, Rockford, IL – 3 points

Bishop Nickless – 13 points

22 Aug – Cohort II Graduation Ceremony, Irene SD – 3 points

23 Aug – Newly assigned priests meeting – 3 points

24 Aug – Bishop’s Circle Mass, St. Joseph Church, Sioux City IA – 3 points

25 Aug – Year of Faith Holy Hour, Cathedral of the Epiphany, Sioux City IA – 3 points

22 Aug – The Shepherd Writes column – 1 point

Meanwhile, I am happy to report that, despite LarryD’s release of the fact that I was in negotiations with the residents of Saturn’s moon Titan before they were supposed to go public, they have been successfully completed. Effective immediately anyone who looks at Titan will see the following hologram on the top of the moon’s cloud layer:


Additionally, we are currently investigating the source of the leak. We hope to find out how LarryD got ahold of information about the secret negotiations since no one in my organization knew about them. Saturn Girl, of the Legion of Super Heroes has been contacted by her fellow Titanians & will soon be visiting LarryD to question him. & I would remind Larry that Titanians have telepathic powers, so he won’t be able to hide anything from her.


The John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup Goes To…


Crusading Croziers 29.25, Rocky Mountain Hierarchs 10

The Crusading Croziers have won the 1st Annual John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup, defeating the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs, 29.25 to 10.  The Hierarchs reached double-digits for the second time in the playoffs, but it wasn’t enough to overtake the Bishop Coyne-led Croziers.  Bishop Coyne plated 20.25 points on his own, in leading his team to victory in the Championship match.

“I’m proud of the guys,” manager LarryD told AoftheA Sports.  “They fought hard every game of the season, holding off the tough Acolytes every step of the way.  And when it counted most – in the playoffs – they showed what they were made of.”

The Croziers defeated the Acolytes in the Eastern Conference Championship match the previous week, 33.75 to 18, in order to advance to the championship game, while the Hierarchs won their match against the Heresy Hunters by virtue of a forfeit.

“I have to credit Cardinal Wuerl for getting the team rolling right out of the gate,” LarryD said, “by getting us 6.25 points the first two days, with two 3-pt appearances.  That was a big boost.  After that, Bishop Coyne kept the momentum going with multiple point days, through his consistent tweeting on daily Scripture.”

greggtheobscure, manager of the Hierarchs, had nothing but praise for his team.  “We fought hard.  We knew it was going to be a tough match, and the guys left it all out on the field.  They can hold their heads high, cos hey – we were only one of two teams to make it this far.  That’s saying something.  But I gotta hand it to the Croziers – they’re a good team, strong up the middle with a deep bench.”

Now all that remains for the 2012 season are the individual awards – the League MVB (Most Valuable Bishop) and Rookie of the Year.  Nominees for Rookie of the Year are being compiled, while the MVB nominees are Bishop Coyne of the Croziers, Cardinal Dolan of the Acolytes, and Bishop Gracida of the Heresy Hunters.  Manager-voting commences Wednesday September 26, with the results announced no later than Friday, September 28.

The Championship – Crusading Croziers

The Fantasy Bishball League Championship Finals vs The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs – for the 1st John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup.  This is for all the marbles!

Playing Archbishop Carlson, Cardinal Wuerl & Bishop Coyne (sitting Bishop Sample)

Archbishop Carlson – 2.00 pts

Thu 9/20 – column in the St Louis Review – 1 pt
Thu 9/20 – Announced results of 2012 annual Catholic Appeal – 1 pt

(to read Archbishop Carlson’s twitter feed – click here)

Cardinal Wuerl – 7.00 points

Mon 9/17 – Blessed a new hermitage opening at Franciscan Monastery – 3 pts
Tue 9/18 – Attended and participated in ground-breaking ceremony for senior housing development, a project of the Archdiocese of Washington – 3 pts
Tue 9/18 – 1 tweet – .25 pts
Thu 9/20 – 1 tweet – .25 pts
Fri 9/21 – 1 tweet – .25 pts
Sun 9/16 – 1 tweet – .25 pts

(to read Cardinal Wuerl’s twitter feed – click here)

Bishop Coyne 20.25 points

Mon 9/17 – 8 tweets – 2.00 pts
Tue 9/18 – 11 tweets – 2.75 pts
Wed 9/19 – 9 tweets – 2.25 pts
Thu 9/20 – 8 tweets – 2.00 pts
Thu 9/20 – 2 FB entries – 2.00 pts
Fri 9/21 – 12 tweets – 3.00 pts
Fri 9/21 – blogpost – 1.00 pt
Sun 9/23 – 9 tweets – 2.25 pts
Sun 9/23 – 3 FB entries – 3.00 pts

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Total: 29.25 points

Will 29.25 points be enough to defeat the Hierarchs???