2013 FBL Draft – The Results

The 2013 Fantasy Bishball Season has officially begun.  Twenty-four bishops have been selected by their respective teams, and each manager is confident that their team is the one that will emerge as the John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup winner.

Not if the defending champion Crusading Croziers have anything to say about it, though.  Manager LarryD is very excited with his team’s revamped line-up.  Anchoring the team is 2012 MVB winner Bishop Coyne, along with last year’s teammate Cardinal Wuerl.  Two new faces – rookies, in fact – join them: Bishop Jenky and Archbishop Kurtz.

“Both players are the complete package,” manager LarryD told AoftheA News. “They have all the tools. I think we have a very solid team, and will compete hard every week. I’m going to say right now that Archbishop Kurtz is the pre-season favorite to win Rookie of the Year. He’s that good.”

Archbishop Kurtz will have plenty of competition at the season’s end – a total of 10 rookies were selected this year, four more than last year. With that many rookies, that meant some veterans were left on the bench this time around, including Archbishop Carlson, Cardinal Burke and last year’s Rookie of the Year runner-up Archbishop Sample.

Some of the new players this season include Bishop Farrell, Cardinal O’Malley, Cardinal DiNardo and Archbishop Jackels.

Along with the rosters full of rookies, the 2013 season also features a new team – the Dubuque Fighting Saints. Although technically they’re not “new”, as they fielded a team in the ill-fated first season, and were unable to compete in 2012.  They take the place of the Mighty Mitres, who could not participate this season.

“I’m happy to be back this season,” said their manager Al007Italia, who blogs at Is Anybody There?  “There’s some unfinished business from that first season, and though I’m in a tough conference with the Hierarchs and the Hunters, I like my chances.”

The Fighting Saints had the first overall pick – as the other teams had each protected a player from last season – and they selected Archbishop Jackels of Dubuque.  “It would’ve been strange if some other team had taken Jackels, seeing as how my team is from Dubuque,” Al explained. “And given that the former president of the LCWR is in his archdiocese, there’s a possibility he could be issuing an excommunication soon.”

“Bishop Irrelevant” this draft  – the bishop chosen with the last pick in the 4th round – was Archbishop Listecki, by the Zealous Zucchettos.  “He was on my team last season, and was a consistent performer,” Manager Burmy told AoftheA Sports. “I was happy to see he was still available when my pick came around. Along with Gomez, Dolan, and last year’s Rookie of the Year O’Connell – I think it’s the right line-up to challenge the Croziers for first in the Eastern Conference.”

Below are the full rosters for all six teams:

Almighty Acolytes: Lori, DiNardo, Farrell, Sartain

Crusading Croziers: Coyne, Wuerl, Kurtz, Jenky

Dubuque Fighting Saints: Jackels, Morlino, Nickless, Malloy

Heresy Hunters: Gracida, Slattery, Etienne, Coakley

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs: Chaput, O’Malley, Aquila, Conley

Zealous Zucchettos: Gomez, Dolan, O’Connell, Listecki

The regular season will conclude August 4, with the playoffs immediately following.  The John Henry Cardinal Newman Memorial Cup will be presented to the championship team on August 18.


2012 FBL Draft – The Results

(from AoftheA Sports)

4 Rounds.  6 Teams.  24 Bishops.  1 Season to determine a champion.

The 2012 FBL season is officially underway, as the Season 2 FBL Draft concluded late last night, amid a flurry of high-profile picks, with a smattering of unexpected dark horse selections.

To the surprise of no one, Cardinal Dolan of New York was selected first overall by the Almighty Acolytes, quickly followed by the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs’ choice of Archbishop Chaput with the second pick.  (The returning four teams – Croziers, Mitres, Hunters and Zucchettos – had first-round byes as they each retained one player from the previous season:  respectively, Bishop Coyne; Bishop Cordileone; Archbishop Slattery; and Archbishop Listecki.)

The second round began immediately thereafter, as the Heresy Hunters snatched up Cardinal Burke, followed by Archbishop Gomez (Zealous Zucchettos), Bishop Vasa (Mighty Mitres). Archbishop Carlson (Crusading Croziers), Archbishop Lori (Almighty Acolytes) and taken as the sixth and final pick of the second round, Bishop Aquila (Rocky Mountain Hierarchs).

It didn’t take long for tempers to flare, as the Heresy Hunters’ manager, Rebecca @ Shoved To Them, shot an angry “mom stare” at Crusading Croziers manager LarryD for selecting Archbishop Carlson.  “Let her stew,” LarryD told AoftheA Sports.  “If she wanted him that bad, she should have taken him with her first pick.”

The third round saw another batch of heavy hitters get chosen:  Cardinal Wuerl (Croziers); Bishop Gracida (Hunters); Bishop Sartain (Hierarchs); Bishop Nienstadt (Mitres); Cardinal George (Acolytes); and Bishop Olmsted (Zucchettos).

Were the Acolytes taking a chance on Cardinal George, given that he had submitted his required letter of resignation back in January?  “If the Holy Father was going to accept his resignation, he would have done so long ago,” explained the Acolytes manager, archdeaconsmiter.  “It’s a calculated risk, but I’m confident the Chicago Kid is gonna be playing the full season for us.”

The fourth and final round saw several surprise picks.  The Acolytes started off by taking “the Cowboy bishop”, Bishop Etienne, followed by Bishop Garcia-Siller (Zucchettos); Bishop Morlino (Hierarchs); Bishop Sample (Croziers); Bishop Cary (Mitres) and this year’s “Bishop Irrelevant”, was Bishop O’Connell (Hunters).

“Oh, he’s not irrelevant at all,” Hunters manager Rebecca said.  “Sure, he’s the last bishop taken in the draft, but he’s a heavy-hitting, radio show bishop who preaches it like it’s meant to be preached.  He’s going to be the big surprise of the season.”

Several big-name players were left undrafted, including Cardinal O’Malley, Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop Aymond and Bishop Nickless.  Given the fewer teams playing this season (six rather than ten), despite the expanded rosters (from three players to four), it was inevitable that some players from the previous season would be sitting out this season.

“I’m a little disappointed, sure,” said Cardinal O’Malley.  “But I’ll use this experience to improve on my blogging and tweeting skills, and become even more vocal so that come next season, it’ll be more difficult for any of the managers to pass on me.”

Below are the final team rosters for the 2012 season:

Almighty Acolytes – Dolan, Lori, George, Etienne

Crusading Croziers – Coyne, Carlson, Wuerl, Sample

Heresy Hunters – Slattery, Burke, Gracida, O’Connell

Mighty Mitres – Cordileone, Vasa, Nienstedt, Cary

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs – Chaput, Aquila, Sartain, Morlino

Zealous Zucchettos – Listecki, Gomez, Olmsted, Garcia-Siller

Las Vegas oddsmakers peg the Crusading Croziers as 3-1 favorites to win the coveted John Cardinal Newmnn Cup this season.

The FBL Season 2 Draft Order

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – The Draft Order.  Four rounds – teams were randomly selected for the six picks in each of the rounds…except for round 1.  The new teams get the only picks in round 1, since the returning teams are starting with one player already.


1.  Almighty Alcolytes

2. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs


1.  Heresy Hunters

2. Zealous Zucchettos

3. Mighty Mitres

4. Crusading Croziers

5. Almighty Acolytes

6. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs


1. Crusading Croziers

2. Heresy Hunters

3. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs

4. Mighty Mitres

5. Almighty Acolytes

6.  Zealous Zucchettos


1. Almighty Acolytes

2. Zealous Zucchettos

3. Rocky Mountain Hierarchs

4. Crusading Croziers

5. Mighty Mitres

6. Heresy Hunters

Get your draft list together if you haven’t already done so.  See you Sunday night!

One Week To The Draft!

June 10, 2012 11:00 PM EST

Hello, sports fans, and welcome to the final week leading up to the draft of the Fantasy Bishball season!  A few housekeeping notes for everyone involved.

There will be eight teams competing this season!  Down from last year, but no matter.

Returning from Season 1 are The Crusading Croziers, The Heresy Hunters, The Duquense Fighting Saints, The Mighty Mitres, The Zealous Zucchettos and The Vicious Vicars.  New this season are The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs (managed by Gregg), and a currently-unnamed-team, managed by Archdeaconsmiter.  So welcome, new guys!

The league will still be comprised of two conferences – the Eastern and the Western.  Eastern teams are the Croziers, the Fighting Saints, the Vicars and the Zucchettos.  The Western Conference will be the Hunter, the Mitres, the Hierarchs and the currently-unnamed-team.  Unless of course the currently-unnamed team is somewhat eastern (based on its manager’s physical location), in which case the Vicars will go back to the Western Conference (the manager is currently living in Michigan, but he was in Alaska.  So we’ll see).

What still needs to happen, is for returning teams to announce which player from last year they will be keeping for Season II.  Leave your choice in the combox so that all the other managers know who will NOT be available for the draft.  The Croziers will be retaining Bishop Coyne (Auxiliary Bishop from Indianapolis).  Please do this as soon as you can so that the other managers can begin formulating their mock draft lists.  Thanks!

Also, before the end of the week, I will be posting the draft order.  Now – returning managers will not have any first round selections – the new managers will have the only picks.  Rounds 2-4 will include all managers – I basically pull names out of a bag, the first name drawn gets the first pick, the second one the next pick, and so on.  Since Season 1 didn’t officially conclude, I can’t order the picks from worst to best (like they do in pro sports, at least for the first round or so), so it’s going to be random.

As soon as the currently-unnamed-team comes up with a name for their team, I can work on the season schedule.  With eight teams, four in each conference, I have two ideas on how to schedule.  One, play each team twice during the season, which comes to a 14 week season; or two, play each team in your own conference 3 times, and each team in the other conference one time, which comes to a 13 week season.  Tell me what you think – a *slightly* longer season to compete against everyone twice, or a *slightly* shorter season to play your immediate rivals more often, which would mean more competitive play within your own division?  I’m leaning towards the 13 week season.  Your thoughts?

If you haven’t already, remember to add this blog to your reader, or ‘follow’ the blog, so that you won’t miss any of the posts – especially once the season starts.  It’ll be fun to see what the other teams are doing, as well as reading about what other bishops are saying and doing.

And finally – if you haven’t accepted the invitation to publish here at the blog, please do so!  You won’t be able to publish your scoring posts without the permission!