2012 FBL Individual Awards

Okay sports fans!  All the votes are in, and the points have been tallied.  Time to announce the winners of the Most Valuable Bishop and Rookie of the Year.

In the Most Valuable Bishop voting, coming in first place, with a total of 14 points (2-1st place and 4-2nd place) is Bishop Coyne of the Crusading Croziers.  Right behind, with 13 points (3-1st place, 1-2nd place and 2-3rd place) is Bishop Gracida of the Heresy Hunters.  Cardinal Dolan came in 3rd place with 9 points (1-1st place, 1-3nd place and 4-3rd place).  Until the final votes were cast, Coyne and Gracida were tied.

For Rookie of the Year, the winner is Bishop O’Connell of the Heresy Hunters, with 15 points (3-1st place & 3-2nd place), closely followed by Archbishop Lori (2-1st place, 3-2nd place and 1-3rd place) and in third came Bishop Sample with 8 points (1-1st place and 5-3rd place).  No other nominees received any votes.

I don’t have any plaques or trophies designed for these two awards – if anyone is willing to work on that, thanks in advance.

*UPDATE* Big shout-out to Hierarchs manager greggtheobscure for putting together a “whimsical” (as he put it) plaque for Rookie of the Year!

I want to conclude by saying thank you to everyone for playing this season.  I hope you had as much fun with Fantasy Bishball as I did.  I think the changes that were made this season from the previous one made a huge difference – especially the shorter schedule! – and the head-to-head competition gave the game some rivalry and competition.

I intend to bring Bishball back for the 2013 season, and I hope you all decide to re-up your teams.  It’s quite possible that 3-4 new teams will be added to the league next season – a couple teams that played last year but couldn’t participate this time around are hoping their schedules allow them to come back, and Rebecca Frech (Heresy Hunters) sparked interest amongst several people at the Catholic National Media Conference back in August.

You might be interested to know that a couple bishops were actively following along all season – Bishop Coyne and Bishop Gracida, in particular.  Next season I plan on “marketing” Fantasy Bishball more, and hopefully garner a wider following in the Catholic blogosphere.  Why?  Well, first of all, this is pretty unique.  It’s fun, funny and fresh.  Secondly, we’re positively promoting the bishops on our teams.  The internet needs more of that.  And finally, we’ve compiled quite the “library” of content and teaching here.  If you think about it, we’ve created a “one stop shop” resource – sure, it’s only 18-24 bishops’ worth, and only covers a 13-14 week timespan.  But a lot of what’s here are talks, speeches, columns and blog posts of bishops teaching, instructing and guiding the faithful.  Much of what they write is primarily intended for their dioceses, but it also applies to the Church at large as well. I think we have a strong core of solid bishops here in the US, and in a weird sorta way, Fantasy Bishball is a way of giving them support.

I hope to see you next May for the 2013 FBL Draft!


2012 MVB & Rookie Of The Year Nominees

Okay, managers.  A champion has been crowned, the locker rooms have been cleared out, and the champagne bottles have been tossed in the recycle bin.

But just because the 2012 FBL season has ended, it doesn’t mean it’s over!  It’s time for to vote for the FBL MVB and Rookie Of The Year.

First, the nominees.

The following players have been nominated for MVB:  Bishop Coyne (Crusading Croziers); Cardinal Dolan (Almighty Acolytes); and Bishop Gracida (Heresy Hunters).

The following six players are eligible for Rookie Of The Year:  Archbishop Lori (Acolytes); Bishop Sample (Croziers); Bishop O’Connell (Hunters); Bishop Cary (Mitres); Archbishop Sartain (Hierarchs); Bishop Garcia-Siller (Zucchettos).  It just so happened that each team had a “rookie” player – funny how that worked out.  A “rookie” is defined as a player who did not play in the (shortened/incomplete/poorly run) 2011 season.

Now for the voting process.  In each category, managers gets three votes – a first place vote, a second place vote and a third place vote.  First place votes are worth 3 points, 2nd place votes are 2 points each, and 3rd place votes are 1 point each.  I’m doing it this way because it will most likely eliminate the possibility of any ties.

So, for instance – for Rookie Of The Year, I might give O’Connell a 1st place vote (3 pts), Sample a 2nd place vote (2 pts) and Cary the 3rd place vote (1 pt).  When you vote, just type the nominee’s name, followed by “1st”, “2nd” or “3rd”, and I’ll take care of the points.  After everyone’s voted, I’ll tally the votes, and the player with the highest total of votes will be declared Rookie of the Year.  And yes, you can vote for your own player, with any one of your three votes.  Same goes for MVB voting.

To help with your voting process, I’ve provided stats on the rookies, listed below: number of games played (incl. playoff games as noted); points earned; points per game; points breakdown.  Points breakdown shows how the player scored – tweet pts (# of tweets x .25); # of 1-pt scores, 3-pt scores, and 5-pt scores.  I looked through each scoring post everyone published – which is why categorizing your scoring posts by team name is really really helpful.

For MVB, you’re basically choosing who you think was most important to the success of their team.  In other words, would their team have performed as well if they weren’t on the team to begin with.

You can either leave your votes in the combox, or email them to me at lgd0708(at)yahoo(dot)com.  And please vote by Friday, if you’d be so kind!  Thanks!


 9 7 0.78 1 pt – 1

3 pts – 2
GARCIA-SILLER  8 10 1.25 1 pt- 7
3 pts – 1
LORI  9  47 5.22 1 pt – 14
 (1 p-off)     3 pts – 11
 5 30 6.00 1 pt – 7
3 pts – 6
  5 pts – 1
9 22.75 2.53 tweet – 9.75
1 pt – 10
3 pts – 1
9 5 0.56 1 pt – 5