Week Eleven – Crusading Croziers


Week Eleven opponent: The Amazing Acolytes

Playing Archbishop Kurtz, Bishop Jenky and Cardinal Wuerl (sitting Bishop Coyne)

Archbishop Kurtz – 0.50 pts

wk of 7/15-7/21: 2 tweets – 0.50 pts

(to read Archbishop Kurtz’s Twitter feed, click here)

Bishop Jenky – 2.25 pts

7/15-7/21  – 5 tweets (1.25 pts)
Fri 7/19 – blogpost (1 pt)

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Cardinal Wuerl – 3.00 pts

Wed 7/17 – blogpost (1 pt)
Thu 7/18 – blogpost (1 pt)
Sat 7/20 – blogpost (1 pt)

(to read Cardinal Wuerl’s Twitter feed, click here)

TOTAL: 5.75 points

Next week’s opponent: Heresy Hunters – playing Bishop Coyne, Bishop Jenky and Cardinal Wuerl (sitting Archbishop Kurtz)


Dubuque Fighting Saints Week 11 (v Hierarchs)

This week I played Archbishop Jackels & Bishops Malloy & Morlino. Bishop Nickless was off.

Next week Bishop Malloy will have the week off.

Total points – 14 points

Archbishop Jackels – 6 points

17 July 2013 – Telegraph Herald Interview about his receiving the pallium in June (Love how the TH will put tons of things in that are NOT important, but wait until later for things that should have been important – 3 points

20 July 2013 – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Hiawatha, Ordination of 11 Permanant Deacons – 3 points

Bishop Malloy – 5 points

5 Top o the morning videos – 5 points

Bishop Morlino – 3 points

19 July 2013 – Mass & Dedication, Camp Grey, Baraboo – 3 points

Last week I had no new pictures, much to the disappointment of one of my biggest fans. However this week I am happy to report that I do. Several in fact.

Fighting Saints fever is even spreading to those who run 1 of the railroads that operates in Dubuque. The Chicago Central Railroad (CC) runs from Chicago to Sioux City. That means that it runs through the Rockford Diocese, the Archdiocese of Dubuque & the Sioux City Diocese. CC is a subsidiary of the Illinois Central (IC), which is owned by Canadian National (CN).  Well, it turns out that they wanted to show their support of the team because of how important our area is to them. While none of the locomotives carry the CC paint scheme any more, there are 3 different paint schemes they use that are seen in Dubuque, the IC, CN & Grand Trunk Western (GTW).

Here we have a picture of an Illinois Central locomotive waiting in the BNSF yards for clearance to cross over the Railroad bridge into Dubuque.


Next we have this picture of GTW 6420 working in the CC yards in Dubuque. Since GTW operates in Detroit, I wonder if any of the locomotives there have shown up yet with the Fighting Saints logo.


Finally we have this picture taken in Dubuque of CN 8821. It was taken near the CN office building when the train had stopped to switch crews.


I have yet to have any visible confirmation, but I hear that The Burlington Northern Santa Fe & Canadian Pacific which operates the former Iowa, Chicago & Eastern (ICE) as a part of their Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad subsidiary have also added the logo to at least some of their locomotives. Hopefully by next week I will have that confirmation & the pictures to share with you.

Week Eleven – Scores & Standings


Almighty Acolytes 26, Crusading Croziers 25.75

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs 6, Mighty Mitres 0

Zealous Zucchettos 0 (DNP),  Heresy Hunters 0 (DNP)


8 2 0 16 209.75
7 3 0 14 150.50
ZUCCHETTOS 1 8 1 3 51.75
7 3 0 14 66
HUNTERS z 4 5 1 9 121
MITRES 2 8 0 4 33

(z) – clinched playoff spot

(x) – clinched Conference title

DNP = Did Not Post


Crusading Croziers v. Heresy Hunters

Mighty Mitres v. Almighty Acolytes

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs v. Zealous Zucchettos

Acolytes week 11 (8/20-26)

Vs. Crusading Croziers

Total score: 26 pts

Archbishop Lori: 8 pts

1. opening Mass, 2012 Archdiocese Catholic Schools Convocation, 8/20 (3 pts)

2. article about Catholic education, 8/23 (1 pt)

3. cross-training – article about ND-Navy angst in Annapolis – no mention of who the Archbishop roots for (0 pts, but some of us a re eager for college football to commence!!!)

4. public TV ad for Archdiocese released 8/20 (1 pt)

5. Red Mass in Dallas, 8/26 (3 pts)

Cardinal George: 11 pts

1. newspaper column 8/26 (1 pt)

2. public press conference re: his cancer news (video), 8/24 (3 pts) – he hopes that if he must have chemo, it might regrow his hair.

3. Vespers (schedule on right side, scroll to 8/23) with OSB sisters in Chicago, 150th anniversary of monastery founding, 8/23 (3 pts)

4. Guest at “Noche de Gala” Hispanic Ministry Awards Banquet, in honor of his 15th anniversary of being named Archbishop of Chicago, 8/24 (also listed at the previous link) (3 pts)

5. facebook post, 8/21 (1 pt)

Bishop Etienne: 7 pts

1. blog post 8/20, about visit to parish previous week (1 pt)

2. blog post 8/20 about St. Bernard (1 pt)

3. blog post 8/21 about a new permanent deacon, including his homily from the Mass (1 pt) – one of 17 deacons ordained this year!

4. Ordination Mass (photos) from 8/21 for permanent diaconate (3 pts)

5. blog post 8/26, about marriage (1 pt)
Next week, playing Dolan, George, Etienne (sitting Lori)


Mighty Mitres Week 11

I’m not sure who I’m pitted against, but I’m quite sure it doesn’t make any difference.

Well, okay then.  Great week!  Is it possible to lose points??


Bishop Cordileone was picked up and charged with DUI on Saturday.  Seriously!  I. could. not. make. this. up!

I’m actually laughing out loud as I report this.  Oh sure, I guess I could have him sit out the week, but it’s just too rich not to share.

Moving on now.

I think all the rest of my bishops are shopping for wine – or something.  They don’t tweet, blog, Facebook,  or apparently do much of anything.  I’m starting to hate them all.

I need counseling…

Week Eleven – Crusading Croziers

Week Ten opponent: The Almighty Acolytes

Playing Archbishop Carlson, Bishop Sample & Bishop Coyne (sitting Cardinal Wuerl)

Archbishop Carlson – 8.00 pts

Mon 8/20 – 1 FB entry – 1 pt
Wed 8/22 – column in St Louis Review – 1 pt
Fri 8/24 – celebratory Mass for St Joseph Institute for the Deaf 175 Year Anniversary – 3 pts
Sun 8/26 – Dedication of new Parish Center at St Joseph Parish in Manchester MO – 3 pts

(to read Archbishop Carlson’s twitter feed – click here)

Bishop Sample – .25 points

Mon 8/20 – 1 tweet – .25 pts

(to read Bishop Sample’s twitter feed – click here)

Bishop Coyne 17.50 points

Mon 8/20 – 11 tweets – 2.75 pts
Mon 8/20 – 1 FB post – 1 pt
Tue 8/21 – 10 tweets – 2.50 pts
Wed 8/22 – 11 tweets – 2.75 pts
Thu 8/23 – 10 tweets – 2.50 pts
Fri 8/24 – 11 tweets – 2.75 pts
Sun 8/26 – 1 FB post – 1 pt
Sun 8/26 – blogpost – 1 pt
Sun 8/26 – 5 tweets – 1.25 pts

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Total points: 25.75 points

Week Twelve match vs. The Heresy Hunters, playing Bishop Coyne, Archbishop Carlson & Cardinal Wuerl (sitting Bishop Sample)