Eastern Conference Championship Round – Crusading Croziers


Eastern Conference Championship Round: The Amazing Acolytes

Playing Bishop Coyne, Bishop Jenky and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Cardinal Wuerl)

Bishop Coyne – 12.50 points

8/12-8/18 : 38 tweets (9.50 pts)
8/14 – Theology on Tap event (3 pts)

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Bishop Jenky – 7.75 points

8/12-8/18 : 7 tweets (1.75 pts)
8/12 – commissioned Diocese of Peoria Catholic school principals at annual retreat and dinner (3 pts)
8/16 – celebrated 125th anniversary Mass at ND basilica (3 pts)

(to read Bishop Jenky’s Twitter feed, click here)

Archbishop Kurtz – 8.25 points

8/12-8/18 : 5 tweets (1.25 pts)
8/12 – attended Archdiocesan Youth Ministry annual banquet (3 pts)
8/13 – article in The Record: Deacons – Heralds of the Gospel (1 pt)
8/17 – speaker at Incarnation parish ACTS for men retreat at Mt St Francis Center for Spirituality (3 pts)

(to read Archbishop Kurtz’s Twitter feed, click here)

TOTAL: 28.50 points

Next week’s opponent: ??? We’ll just have to wait and see if the Crusaders move on to the Newman Cup!!!


Western Division Championship (v Hierarchs)

I’m playing Bishops Malloy, Morlino & NIckless.

Total points – 17

Bishop Malloy – 11 points

12 August – WROK radio program – 3 points

15 August – Installation ¬†Mass for Fr. Parker as Pastor @ St. Mary’s, Batavia – 3 points

5 Top o the Morning videos – 5 points

Bishop Morlino – 6 points

15 August _ Mass for Bishop O’Connor Pastoral Center¬†(not that it earns any extra points, but it was in the Extraordinary form) – 3 points

2 Facebook posts – 2 points

15 August – Bishop’s column – 1 point

Bishop Nickless – 0 points As Fighting Saints fever continues to grow across the solar system, I am happy to announce that Grumpy Cat has signed on as our official spokescat.

Here is his 1st poster supporting the team:


What a lot of people may not be aware of is that Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) has a brother named Pokey. He has agreed to help his brother promote the Fighting Saints.


It is a good feeling to have 2 of the coolest cats out there supporting the Fighting Saints.



As We Head Into the Playoffs “Fighting Saints” Fever Grows

After a week’s rest my team is ready & raring to go.

Meanwhile, I can say that I now have proof that not only that my fans are out of this world, but that there is intelligent life on Mars.

As you may know, the Curiosity Rover on Mars is now heading toward Mount Sharp. While on route, it recently took this picture of the “Twin Cairns”:


Here is a close up of the cairn.


Imagine the surprize at finding a Dubuque Fighting Saints logo on the side of the right cairn. Obviously there must be intelligent life on Mars for that to have been placed there. The fact that they are cheering on the Saints is obviously evidence that they highly intelligent as well.

2013 Playoffs Are Underway!!

Good morning sports fans and Bishball afficiandos from across the expansive Innerwebz! Fantasy Bishball Playoffs are under way!!

Here are the match-ups:

Eastern Conference Championship: Crusading Croziers v. Amazing Acolytes

Western Conference Championship: Rocky Mountain Hierarchs v. Dubuque Fighting Saints

This year’s Eastern Conference Championship is a repeat match-up from 2012, while the Rocky Mountain Hierarchs earn their second appearance (winning the conference outright again, as well) and face the challenging Dubuque Fighting Saints.

Managers can field any three bishops from their team – the ‘3-week’ rule is not in effect.

Championship round winners will compete for the Fantasy Bishball League Championship – the John Henry Cardinal Newman Cup. The Newman Cup will be played for the week of Aug 18 – Aug 24 (one week from now).

Best wishes in the off-season for the Heresy Hunters and Zealous Zucchettos!

One more note – after the championship will be the Rookie of the Year and MVB (Most Valuable Bishop) selections, as voted by the league managers.

Good luck, teams! May the best bishers win!!

End Of Season Standings

See? The two-week update was temporary – it just morphed into a three week update!


Week 11

Crusading Croziers 5.75, Almighty Acolytes 0 (DNP)

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs 14, Dubuque Fighting Saints 14

Zealous Zucchettos 0 (DNP), Heresy Hunters 0 (DNP)

Week 12

Dubuque Fighting Saints 9, Almighty Acolytes 0 (DNP)

Crusading Croziers 12.5, Heresy Hunters 0 (DNP)

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs 27.25, Zealous Zucchettos 0 (DNP)

Week 13

Dubuque Fighting Saints 22, Zealous Zucchettos 0 (DNP)

Crusading Croziers 19.75, Rocky Mountain Hierarchs 6.5

Heresy Hunters 0 (DNP), Almighty Acolytes 0 (DNP)


10 2 0 20 257
3 7 2 8 98.5
ZUCCHETTOS 1 9 2 4 72.75
8 3 1 17 170.5
7 4 1 15 265
HUNTERS 3 7 2 8 76

DNP = Did Not Post
z – clinched Conference
x – clinched playoff spot


Eastern Conference Championship

Crusading Croziers v. Almighty Acolytes

Western Conference Championship

Rocky Mountain Hierarchs v. Dubuque Fighting Saints

Week Thirteen – Crusading Croziers


Week Thirteen opponent: The Rocky Mountain Hierarchs

Playing Bishop Coyne, Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Bishop Jenky)

Bishop Coyne – 14.50 pts

7/29 – 8/4 – 58 tweets (14.50 pts)

(to read Bishop Coyne’s twitter feed – click here)

Cardinal Wuerl – 4.00 pnts

7/29 – blogpost – Is There A Right And A Wrong? (1 pt)
7/31 – blogpost – St Ignatius of Loyola and Pope Francis (1 pt)
8/1 – blogpost – Freedom From the Chains That Threaten the Church (1 pt)
8/4 – blogpost – St John Vianney and the Heart of a Priest (1 pt)

(to read Cardinal Wuerl’s Twitter feed, click here)

Archbishop Kurtz – 1.25 pts

7/29 – 8/4 – 1 tweet (1.25 pts)
7/31 – column in The Record Newspaper: Teaching Our Faith (1 pt)

(to read Archbishop Kurtz’s Twitter feed, click here)

TOTAL: 19.75 points

Next opponent, in the Eastern Conference playoffs: The Almighty Acolytes – playing Bishop Coyne, Bishop Jenky and Archbishop Kurtz (sitting Cardinal Wuerl)

2013 Week 13: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs v. Crusading Croziers

Abp. Chaput
One Facebook hoop-ti-do 1 point
Mass for Catholic Charities 1 point
Subtotal: 2 points

Abp. Aquila
Five tweets 1 1/4 points

Bp. Conley
National Catholic Register blog entry 1 point
One tweet 1/4 point
Subtotal 1 1/4 points

Total: 4 1/2 points

Next week’s lineup to start the post-season: Cdl. O’Malley, Abp. Chaput, Abp. Aquila with Bp. Conley on the bench