2013 week nine – Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs v. Almighty Acolytes

Abp. Chaput

four Facebook hoop-ti-dos – 4 points

Column in Catholic Philly – 1 point

175th anniversary Mass for Our Lady of Consolation Parish – 3 points

Subtotal: 8 points

Abp. Aquila
Denver Catholic Register column – 1 points

Subtotal: 1 point

Bp. Conley
One tweet – 1/4 point

Subtotal: 1/4 point

Total 9 1/4 points

Next week lineup v. Heresy Hunters, Cdl. O’Malley, Abp. Chaput and Abp. Aquila with Bp. Conley on the bench.


2013 week eight, Rocky Mountain Hierarchs v. Heresy Hunters

Cdl. O’Malley
Smackdown! 5 points

Mega blog post: 1 point

Fortnight for Freedom Mass 3 points

subtotal 9 points

Abp. Aquila

Bp. Conley
Diocesan newspaper column 1 point

Sesquicentennial of Immaculate Conception Parish 3 points

Article re: episcopal ordination of John Folda, new bishop of Fargo 1 point

Subtotal 5 points

Total 14 points

Next week’s lineup v. Almighty Acolytes: Abp. Chaput, Abp. Aquila, Bp. Conley with Cdl. O’Malley on the bench.

2013 week 6: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs v. Dubuque Fighting Saints

Cdl. O’Malley
Mega Blog-post but just one point for that;
meeting of national campus ministry leadership (featuring two Denverites!); three points.

Subtotal: Four points.

Abp. Chaput

Gosnell victim burial offer one point;
Church dedication in Downingtown PA three points;
Three facebook hoop-ti-dos three points;
subtotal: seven points.

Bp. Conley

Diocesan newspaper column one point;

Statement on boy scouts one point;

Blessing of new parish hall three points;

Subtotal: five points.

Total: sixteen points

Next week: bye week.

2013 Season Week 5: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs vs. Crusading Croziers

Religious Brothers’ Jubillee – 3 points;
Anniversary celebration of the Campaign for Catholic schools- 3 points;
Priests Convocation- 3 points;

blog post – 1 point.

Subtotal: 10 points.
Abp. Chaput
At http://catholicphilly.com/category/archbishop-chaput/archbishop-chaputs-schedule/ Commencement, Pope John Paul II High School – 3 points;
Commencement, West Catholic High School- 3 points;
Board Meeting of National Catholic Bioethics Center- 3 points;
USCCB Pro-Life Committee Meeting – 3 points;
At http://archphila.org/press%20releases/pr002182.php Statement re: legislation excluding some euthanasia from insurance plans – 1 point.
At https://www.facebook.com/ArchbishopChaput Six Facebook hoop-ti-dos – 1.5 points.
Subtotal 15.5 points
Abp. Aquila
Subtotal 1 point.
Weekly total 26.5 points. Probably missed it by that much.
Next week’s lineup vs. Dubuque Fighting Saints: Cdl. O’Malley, Abp. Chaput and Bp. Conley with Abp. Aquila on the bench.

Acolytes, Week 5 (6/3-6/9), v. Heresy Hunters

Total Score: 10

Bishop Farrell: 3

1. 12 tweets (3 pts)

Archbishop Lori: 4

1. 6/7 Q&A on F4F in Catholic Review (1 pt)

2. 6/3 blessing and translatio of reliqua of Servant of God Mother Mary Margaret Lange (3 pts)

Archbishop Sartain: 3

1. 6/8 dedication of a memorial at site of former Our Lady Queen of Martyrs parish (3 pts)

2. no points but some great pictures of 6/2 Corpus Christi procession, for which Abp Sartain said the Mass

3. also no points, but he had a birthday on 6/6 – prayers and best wishes for the Archbishop

Next week, continuing the alphabetical rotation.


2013 Season Week 4: Rocky Mtn. Hierarchs vs. Zealous Zuchettos

Abp. Chaput

<a href=http://ncronline.org/blogs/afternoon-americas-capuchin-heavyweights>Appearance at Capuchin chapter meeting</a>: 3 points; (great story btw)

<a href=http://catholicphilly.com/category/archbishop-chaput/archbishop-chaputs-schedule/>Ordination of a Capuchin priest in Denver suburb on 5/30</a> 3 points;

<a href=http://catholicphilly.com/category/archbishop-chaput/archbishop-chaputs-schedule/>Diocesan diaconate ordination on 6/1</a> 3 points;

<a href=https://www.facebook.com/ArchbishopChaput>two Facebook hoop-ti-dos</a>
Subtotal: 12 points.
Abp. Aquila
<a href=http://archden.org/repository/Documents/DCR/2013/DCR_05-22-13_website.pdf>Centennial Mass for Presentation Parish</a> 3 points
Subtotal 3 points

Bp. Conley

<a href=http://www.dioceseoflincoln.org/SouthernNeRegister/bcc/bcc053113.aspx#.UaYYkDWaXH0.twitter>diocesan newspaper column</a> 1 point;

<a href=http://www.dioceseoflincoln.org/SouthernNeRegister/dio/snr053113a.aspx>Corpus Christi procession</a> 3 points;

<a href=http://www.fsspolgs.org/seminary_news.html>FSSP ordinations on 6/1</a> 3 points;

Subtotal 7 points


Total 22 points


Next week’s lineup vs Crusading Croziers: Cdl. O’Malley, Abp. Chaput, Abp. Aquila with Bp. Conley on the bench.

Acolytes, Week 4 (5/27-6/2), v. Fighting Saints

Looking for the first win of the season!  Will the Acolytes be Amazing and pull it off?

     Total: 19.5 or 21.5 or 22.5 or 24.5

Cardinal DiNardo: 5 or 8 pts

1. 5/28 blog post on upcoming Fortnight for Freedom (1 pt)

2. 5/31 blog post on the deaths of Houston firefighters (1 pt) – God have mercy on the souls of the dead.

3. I took points for this in a previous week, but here’s the commencement homily given by Cardinal DiNardo at TAC (text and audio).

4. Presiding at Exposition on 6/2, in conjunction with Pope Francis’s call for the world-wide hour of Adoration on the Sunday on which we celebrate Corpus Christi (3 pts, ump?)

5. Ordination Mass on 6/1 (3 pts)

Bishop Farrell: 9.5 pts

1. 5/29 blog post about priest convocation this week (1 pt)

2. 5/30 blog post about Bishop Lynch HS (1 pt)

3. 18 Tweets this week (4.5 pts)

4. Ordination Mass on 6/1 (3 pts)

Archbishop Lori: 5 or 7 pts

1. 5/30 Review article (1 pt)

2. 5/31 blessing of NFP fertility care center (3 pts)

3. 5/31 Vatican Radio interview about Fortnight for Freedom (1 or 3 pts?)

Next week, back to the top of the rotation, sitting DiNardo.